Duck Necks, Goat Bones, Chicken Feet, Tripe!

Duck Necks, Goat Bones, Chicken Feet and Tripe! Ahh, these are the things that make doggies very happy!

Mindy and Lexi have been enjoying a recent raw bone order from Hare-Today!

Here they are eating their raw duck necks:

Lexi eating raw duck neck
Mindy eating raw duck neck

I love that they offer natural (antibiotic and hormone free) meat and especially SMALL sized bones for my little ones. The small goat bones are perfect!

I’ll be ordering again, probably toward the fall, when it gets a little cooler. They are close in Pennsylvania, but no sense taking a chance on melting frozen meat!

I’d like to try some of their rabbit bones, and maybe some of their ground meats as well. Shipping frozen food is expensive, so I’ll try to order a lot more to stock up for a few months.

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