Starting on Full Time Raw Food for My Girls

Today, I started feeding RAW food to my girls. Normally, I was feeding Bravo raw chicken patties only for the evening meal. I gave them dry Orijen kibble for their AM feeding.

I know I haven’t been doing right by both of them, Mindy has developed a chronic anal gland issue, and I am hoping that feeding them RAW full time will help. It seemed like her problems started after we stopped feeding high protein EVO and started the lower protein Orijen.

Don’t get me wrong, Orijen is a fantastic food, but I think because I am mixing the two, her nutrition is not balanced. I’ve even had to stop giving fish oil to try to build up her poop. I tried everything from adding psyllium husk to pumpkin. It’s time for me to start over with a clean slate.

I’m starting out with what I know, the Bravo Original chicken patties; I’m going to divide an 8oz burger between the two of them for each meal, so initially they’ll be getting 8 oz total (1/2 pound). Then I’ll ease into whole bones, and offset with Bravo burgers, probably opting for a total of 6 oz for each dog. I’ve decided to try the “prey model” RAW, with a few alterations.

Whole meaty bones are not new for us, but I didn’t feed them regularly. I’m hoping I can figure out what I need to do, but I’m researching, so I have confidence I’ll find the best way to go.

So, today is hopefully the first day of a better life for my girls!!!

UPDATE 2011-03-23:
Bought 3 raw back bones from Whole Foods this afternoon. Gave one (6-7 oz) to each dog. Mindy first (kept Lexi in her crate), then Lexi. I ended up taking back the bone from Lexi and saving it for the next meal. I will probably do that next time with Mindy as well. They do get a little “possessive” when it comes to bones, so that is why I’m feeding them separately.

Their poop has been excellent. Small hard pieces. I’m hoping this cures Mindy of her anal gland issues.

I’m now buying Bravo chicken in the 2 pound tubes, so that’ll make it easier to feed a precise amount. I’ll probably lower it to 6 oz for each per day. I should get 2.5 days of meals from each tube.

Soon, I’ll start back up on the fish oil, and perhaps purchase some tripe and other goodies! Day by day, we’ll get there!

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