Lexi Slept in the Big Bed Last Night

Well, I don’t know why, but I wanted my little Lexi to sleep with us last night. She’s snuggled under the covers many times before, when I have been napping, or early in the AM, but never all night long.

It was fine, she snuggled by my belly (I was on my side facing toward the middle of the bed) and she stayed there until around 7ish this morning. Each time she woke up (three times) I told her to go back to sleep, and she settled back down. I got up out of bed around 7:20.

It’s not going to be an every night thing, but on the weekends, it might be okay. I am always worried that I will accidentally kick her or roll over on her somehow. Mindy is bigger, so she’s not a problem, but Lexi is just so tiny in comparison. But we both did okay!

Note: Mindy stayed on Mike’s side all night! hahaa

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