First Snow of the Season

Lexi was still very young when she experienced snow last season, so I am not sure if she remembers it. Plus she was sick for so many months, that I don’t think she got outside for too long.

Last night, the first snow of this season fell.

Lexi was out in the yard for a little bit last night, while it was first snowing, but she stayed by the door/porch where it was drier. There was about 4 inches on the ground when we took the dogs outside this morning. Lexi went out into the yard cautiously, but she seemed okay.

I saw her pee, and while I was taking some photos, I thought I might have saw her poop, but I am not 100% sure.

By the end, I think her feet were very cold, and she just wanted in the house! I tried to keep her outside for a little bit, to make sure she didn’t need to poop, but she just wanted to go inside. Just as suspected, Lexi is not a cold weather doggy! hehee.

Mindy doesn’t mind the snow, but she hates when there’s freezing cold ice under her paws. Last night, Mike said that while Mindy was outside, she went crazy running around playing in the snow (on leash). She likes when she can kick up the flakes! I tried to get her to run around this morning, but she wasn’t in the mood I guess.

Mindy & Lexi - first snow of the season

Mindy & Lexi - first snow of the season

Mindy - first snow of the season

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