One Mindy Extreme to Another

The other morning, I took Mindy outside, so I could snap a few photos of the rain drops in the yard. We started out calm and relaxing. She loves when I bring her outside with my camera.

mindy relaxes

Then, she caught a burst of energy. I love how she gets like this, running non stop like the wind. All four paws are airborne!

mindy runs

She would race, then run over to the side, and dig like crazy in the dirt.

mindy digs

Then take off again running! She even got a little leaf on her paw!

mindy runs

It was so funny to watch, and I can’t even say how exciting it is to see her happy, healthy and active like this. I know her legs hurt sometimes, but when I see her run, it’s amazing. She is trim, fit and full of life!

So, when we got back into the house, her feet were filthy from the mud, I had to throw her in the sink for a quick foot bath!

mindy's dirt

mindy's dirt

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