First Camping Trips and Lots of Fun

We got back from our first camping trip with Lexi a couple of weeks ago. Our first weekend out with her was the July 4th weekend. After, the following Saturday we left for another camping trip for the whole week.

She had a blast! I was initially a little nervous, worried that she might bark too much or try to scoot out the RV door. But it was pleasantly surprising. She had no problems at all. She even slept quietly in her crate in the RV. I wasn’t sure how she would feel being in a new environment, but she wasn’t bothered a bit.

We kept her busy all week! I sometimes took Lexi by herself for walks, just to get her more acclimated to new situations. She couldn’t keep up 100%, and I did have to pick her up a lot. I didn’t mind, she’s so small and compact, I enjoy carrying her!

We also took her on her first kayak trip! She looked sooo cute in her new pink flowered life jacket! She seemed to really like it!

Lexi's first kayak trip

Lexi's first kayak trip

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