What is Wrong with Some People?

Just found this forum post:



What Kind Of Cat Is The Best Mouse Hunter?
I have mice. Dammit. I need a cat. I’m going to go to the shelter tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the best kind of cat to get. Like what breed, age, size, sex? I’m not sure if any of that makes a difference, but if you have any comments on the subject I’d appreciate it!

WHAT AN ASS!!! Sorry for the profanity but this just makes me so angry! And the majority of the people who responded are idiots too.

What happens to the cat after this jerk discovers that it costs money to parent a cat properly!? Does he just throw it outside when he’s done using it for a mouse exterminator? Grr. I just hate reading ignorant stuff like this!

I hope the shelter is smart and asks the right questions, like “Why do you want a cat?” and hopefully they can see his true colors. Idiot!

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