Lexi Ready to get her Stitches Out

Unfortunately, I didn’t blog too much about Lexi’s spay operation. Not sure why. I guess I was just too busy (?)

Anyway, the operation went well. I dropped her off in the morning and got a phone call mid morning that she was out of surgery and in recovery. Phew. Everything went well.

We picked her up at around 5:30 that evening, and I held her in my arms for the drive home. She was in good shape, not at all how I expected. If I remember correctly, Mindy had that “skinny” dog look and smelled sort of like a hospital. Lexi looked very well!

They said that she should be acting normal by tomorrow, along with eating, peeing and pooing normally. I was to give her a light meal tonight.

They gave us a “cone” to use just in case she wanted to lick the incision. It was a new type of cone that I had never seen before. Tabs hold it together on the side, while there’s loops on top that her normal collar goes through; the collar and cone go over her head, and then the collar is fastened. It worked very well, she got used to it fairly quickly. But unfortunately, by the following week, she figured out a way to chew on the tabs that run along the vertical side of the collar. I tried fixing it, and moving it toward the top of her head, but it was impossible to get her to not stop chewing on the plastic tabs. So, I took it off, and she was fine. No problems with the stitches.

Keeping her quiet for the past two weeks was a challenge, but truthfully not as difficult as I thought. I kept her in her crate most of the time, giving her a chew bone or allowing her to sleep. I did allow her to occasionally walk up and down the stairs, and she did try to run around herself a few times. But for the most part, I carried her on the stairs and around the house to make sure she wasn’t too active.

I didn’t bring her to training class last week, I decided to go by myself so we wouldn’t miss anything. I think she would have been fine if I brought her, since it’s such a low impact class, but it’s probably for the best that I didn’t. We took her to class last night, and she did okay, but she was a little off, and skiddish. She wasn’t herself, she was acting scared. I ended up holding her for the last few minutes. I think she was a bit tired from all the sudden activity.

But when we got home, I allowed her to roam free with us, while we watched TV downstairs. She played a little with Mindy, chewed on old bones, and tore apart a fluffy toy.

I can’t wait for her stitches to be out today. I am hoping everything will be okay and she’ll get the ‘go ahead’ to go back to normal again!

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