Mike and I were taking the dogs out to the side yard yesterday morning, and Mike noticed a cute little toad in the brush. Yay, I ran into the house to grab my camera and macro lens.

Mike had to pick him up and move him to the middle grass area. Lexi and Mindy were curious. Before I could snap many photos, Lexi grabbed him in her mouth (lightly) and Mike grabbed her and took it out. Poor little toad. I only got to snap a handful of shots, when Lexi started to act a little funny. Her mouth was foaming and she was trying to spit out the foam, shaking her head and mouth.

Eek, I then remembered that I heard something about toads being poisonous. Oh no. I grabbed Lexi and ran into the house. By the time we got inside, she was acting normal again. I think she just got a bad taste from the toad, and/or maybe the toad secreted some icky tasting stuff in self-defense. Thankfully, Lexi was okay, and she acted fine for the rest of the day.

little toad

little toad

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