First Raw Chicken Bones

Yesterday I purchased a package of whole chicken wings. Last night after their dinner, I gave Mindy and Lexi their first raw chicken bones.

First, I used a cleaver to chop them into the three separate wing pieces (including the tips) then I smashed each piece to break it up a bit. I gave each of them one piece on their special towels. Mindy was a natural. She had no trouble chomping that piece in her mouth, crushing the bone and swallowing it. Eek, it was a little scary watching her swallow such a big piece!

Lexi was another story. She kind of licked at the chicken bone, and didn’t know what to do with it. She also might have been full from her dinner meal earlier.

I ended up taking the chicken wing away from Lexi and giving it to Mindy to eat.

I gave Mindy two pieces this morning, and then one piece later on as part of her dinner. Lexi got the small chicken wing tip, and she did much better with it. She crunched it up and swallowed it.

Eventually, I hope whole chicken bones will be a part of their regular RAW diet. It’s still a little unnerving for me, but hey, I never thought I would ever be feeding RAW, so it’s all good!

Note: Currently, I am feeding a tiny bit of EVO kibble in AM to both, and for dinner, they get commercial RAW food either from Bravo or Nature’s Variety. I like to rotate between meats. Turkey one day, chicken the next, beef after, etc.

I absolutely do not recommend Natura Pet and any of its petfoods (EVO, California Natural, Innova, etc) anymore. Since the company was purchased by Proctor & Gamble, there is no hope that their quality will remain. No matter what they say, any brand of Natura food will not be the same!
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