Found a Lump on Lexi’s Leg

This morning, I was petting Lexi, and I noticed that there was a strange lump on Lexi’s right upper thigh. I checked her other leg to see if it was symmetrical, but didn’t feel anything.

I didn’t panic, because right now, I am assuming it’s just a muscle bruise; she’s always running around like crazy, and I assumed she banged into something and developed a lump/bump.

In the back of my mind, though, I am a tad worried, thinking it could be cancer or something terrible. I will see what happens tomorrow, and will call the Vet on Tuesday if it’s still there.

The good thing is she was so good today. She was out of her crate walking around loose a lot today, and no accidents, and she was calm. I have started to correct her when she begins to bite or bother Mindy when she’s relaxing/quiet. She seemed to respond well and was very well behaved today; which makes me nervous because of the lump, and I am hoping she’s feeling okay.

🙂 I just love my little Lexi!

UPDATE: 2009-04-25: Lexi had icky soupy poopy this afternoon, and there was a streak of blood in it. I had given her a raw egg and some EVO kibble for breakfast, and she never had a problem with eggs before. I didn’t know if it was serious, so I called the vet.

He wanted her to come in so they could take a sample and probably put her on antibiotic. Anyway, while I was there, I mentioned the lump I had found (which was virtually gone by today) and he said it was probably from the rabies vaccination he gave her 10 days ago. A lump can occur a few days (or even weeks) later. Phew.

The poop sample came back negative for parasites, so he said it could just be an irritation or it could be a bacterial infection. He gave us some Metronidazole for 5 days.

Lexi my Little Lady

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