Negative Results from “Aversive” Dog Training

New research from University of Pennsylvania that disputes the “aversive” training methods of Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer:

I personally had a negative outcome with Mindy when I tried to incorporate this method of training a couple of years ago. We are still trying to reverse the result.

Mindy had issues with food aggression, and I finally realized that a punishment of taking away the food bowl wasn’t working and actually making it worse. Once she realized that I wasn’t going to keep taking the food bowl away if she growled, she learned to trust me again. Eventually, she eased out of her food bowl aggression, but unfortunately, she still has very big issues with bones. But we are still working on that.

We started working on Lexi early. She started growling with her food bowl and with bones, and I just kept sticking my hands by her head, and moving the food or bowl without removing it. She learned that it was okay when we came near her when she was eating, and now there are no issues.

Now, if Mindy walks near her bowl, that is a different story. Don’t know if that can be solved, but we watch them very closely when food is involved.

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