Up and Over

I have been giving Lexi raw recreational beef bones for a couple of weeks. We have a play gated pen area set up for her. It’s next to useless now for keeping her in, since she jumps/climbs out of it very easily. But it’s great to keep her with her bone and away from Mindy, since they both seem to have “bone possession” issues.

So I always put down a huge garbage bag on the rug in her pen, along with a towel on top, so she has a clean place to chew. Well the other day (Tuesday) I was setting down the garbage bag and all of a sudden, I felt something near my arm. It was her! Climbing INTO the pen because she knew the routine already! This was only my THIRD time giving her a raw bone, so I was surprised…but then again, she is a smarty pants, so nothing should surprise me!

Anyway, she was very excited to get her bone this week! I just thought it was funny!

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