First Raw Dinner

Mindy and Lexi had their first RAW dinner tonight. I purchased a bag of frozen chicken medallions from Nature’s Variety. I defrosted 3 medallions in the fridge this morning, and they were still a bit “cold” this afternoon, but they were soft enough to smoosh and break apart.

I gave Mindy two and Lexi one. Keep in mind I feed Lexi by the sink and Mindy’s bowl is around behind the kitchen bar.

It was funny, they both stared at their bowls, kind of sniffing and examining the food. Then they each ran to the other one’s bowl to check out if the other had something better. haha, same thing, sniffing.

Finally, Mindy started to take bites from Lexi’s bowl, and I brought Lexi and the other bowl over to the sink area so they both would be together (and I could watch both of them.)

Mindy was the first to finish, so I added some more to her bowl from Lexi’s. Mindy finished that and was coming over to Lexi’s bowl and Lexi gave her a growl (which she has done only once before when something really delish was in her bowl) – I lightly scolded Lexi’s behavior and allowed Mindy to have a tiny bit more.

So all in all, I think they are liking the new RAW diet. I still have a lot to learn, so it’s going to be a slow transition. I will still feed kibble and canned, and I don’t know if I will ever be 100% RAW or if I will ever prepare the diet myself. We’ll see.

So for now, I am going to feed them the commercially prepared RAW food (either Nature’s Variety or Bravo) and for the first month or so, I am giving each a digestive enzyme pill with the RAW meal.

I found the Raw Dog Food (by Carina Beth MacDonald) book at the library and I will see if that answers some of my questions and concerns. The #1 concern right now is contamination between Mindy’s & Lexi’s mouth to us. How long does it take for the raw food to digest before I can accept a lick kiss from them? Or will I have to worry about bacteria on their fur and mouths?

I will keep updating when I find out more information!

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