Lexi the Climber

On Tuesday, on her own took her first steps DOWN the stairs. Mike was coming home, and Mindy was her usual excited self, and Lexi decided she would walk down the stairs on her own to the front door. (We have a split-level house with stairs going up and down from the front door)

I had been working with her over the weekend with food, trying to get her to come down the stairs, and it worked a little bit. But this time, she did it all on her own. She usually skips the last step and flings herself over it to the bottom! She is quite the daredevil!

And then last night, she leaped up on the sofa. Mindy and Lexi play and run and when Mindy wants to get away from her, she jumps on a nearby chair or sofa. Lexi usually tries to jump up too, and sometimes she flings herself against the couch trying to get higher. Mindy and her play a bit more while Mindy is on the higher level and then she jumps down so they can run around the floor again. Well, last night, Lexi shocked us all and managed to climb up onto the sofa…I think with a little help from the comforter.

She’s getting so big.

Here is the video of Lexi walking down the steps (Excuse my baby talk….I am extra excited in this one!)

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2 Responses to Lexi the Climber

  1. Patty says:

    Hi! I just watched the video. Wow, Lexie is getting big and is so cute along with Mindy being cute too. It looks like Mindy is doing very well with Lexie.

  2. Terrier Mama says:

    Hey Patty!!! So glad you stopped by. I was meaning to email you on the new web site link! I will email you soon anyway. I want to talk! LOL

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