Purina One Natural Blends Dog Food

Purina One has a new dog food called Purina One Natural Blends. They are hyping it to be natural and sooo good for your dog.

Let’s take a closer look. They try to compare it to other dog kibble:


Purina One Natural Blend Dog Food

An untrained eye might think the Purina One Natural Blend food was much better than all of the others (including the Nutro Ultra) because “chicken” is the first ingredient. That sounds good, right? Unfortunately no, it isn’t.

Whole chicken contains approx 70% water. So that means, once they process the chicken into kibble, the actual amount of real chicken is insignificant, and actually would be relocated toward the bottom of the ingredient list.

Chicken meal has already been processed, so a pet food containing a specific type of meal as the top ingredient would have much more meat protein than a food with whole chicken. I am not advocating that Nutro Ultra is a high quality pet food, but compared to the other three brands (including the sub par Purina One Natural Blend food), it is absolutely much better!

Corn Gluten Protein

The second ingredient in Purina One Natural Blends food is corn gluten protein and that is really the true first ingredient. Purina would like you to think otherwise, but all you are buying is “pretend” protein from corn, not real meat protein from chicken.

Notice the amount of crude protein is 26%, comparable to the Nutro Ultra. The big difference is the Nutro Ultra is real meat protein, not vegetable protein from corn. Why do pet food manufacturers do this? To save lots of money. Meat costs much more than corn. And the corn they use isn’t even premium human quality corn.

Again, I am not recommending any of these four pet foods, but if you have to choose one of the four on that list, it would have to be the Nutro Ultra.

Recommended Dog Food (kibble)

I absolutely do not recommend Natura Pet and any of its petfoods (EVO, California Natural, Innova, etc) anymore. Since the company was purchased by Proctor & Gamble, there is no hope that their quality will remain. No matter what they say, any brand of Natura food will not be the same!

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So, choose your pet food wisely. Be informed about the ingredients on the bag!

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