Mindy’s Graduation from Training

Mindy and Graduation ToyWe had an awesome time at training class last night. Mindy has been a little unfocused during the prior two classes, but I think a lot of it was due to my disorganization at the start of the class. We were just barely on time one week, which meant I didn’t have my usual pre-class time to settle in and work on her focus. Last week, we were early, but Mike was fiddling with her harness, and it frazzled me. I guess it is really true, when I am not focused, Mindy will not be as well.

Anyway, last night she did better. She was heeling very well, and she did much better with her “sits” and “downs” – although not perfect, she did a great job!

Melissa, Carol (and Jill) were terrific; they were there to encourage and praise all of us, and they gave us a wonderful Graduation. We received our “diplomas” and Mindy got to choose a little toy. She chose a squiggly furry one, she loves those toys!

Mindy's Graduation Toy

I was planning on retaking the “Better Manners” class again, since I didn’t feel Mindy was ready for the off-leash training in “Best Manners” and I mentioned this to Melissa last week. Well, I guess a few people felt the same way, because they announced there would be a new class added in between Better and Best Manners classes, and would be building on what we learned in this class. Hurray!

The best part of last night was Mindy got to play (off leash) with her classmate “Sadie” (another cute little dog) and Melissa’s dog (Jamm) – they raced and played together very nicely. I was pleased that Mindy also came when I called her! She really enjoyed herself and it was good to see her playing nicely with other dogs.

Well on one hand, I am glad to have a break from training til January, but on the other hand, I love going, and don’t know what I will do when we will be finished with all the courses they offer. I really respect and appreciate Carol and Melissa and will be sad when it all ends.

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2 Responses to Mindy’s Graduation from Training

  1. Britta says:

    Super shots, Debbie!
    That squiggly soft toy is too funny for words. 🙂
    Congrats to Mindy – I know what it takes to get a pooch to do what you ask.
    Mine have never had the privilege of a class with proper trainers … but we are planning to join the Agility club next year for the new season.
    You are lucky to have such wonderful trainers in your neighbourhood. Enjoy the next class 🙂

  2. Terrier Mama says:

    Thanks Britta! I don’t know what we would do without classes!

    I would love to do Agility as well! I remember that you told me that one of your little ones has the collapsing trachea problem; will that affect the agility?

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