So Proud of Mindy

Tonight was our third class in Mindy’s training course, and even more than last week, I felt a tremendous amount of pride and joy because of her wonderful performance tonight.

Last week, she was calmer and more focused, but still a little flighty. It was wonderful because no fences/gates were needed for any of the dogs last week, and they all did a wonderful job.

Anyway, this week, we worked further with eye contact. Mindy did very well, even though she was very distracted from the other dogs and also the instructors.

We left our seats and came closer to the center of the room, and worked with sit duration, and Mindy did a good job. She was a little bouncy and very distracted but I thought she was doing well despite her “spaz” self.

And then we started to work on “stay”and this is where Mindy started to shine!

While away from our seats, we had to work more on sit and stay for a duration of 5 or 10 seconds. Yes, Mindy does really well with home training, but at class, the distractions are sometimes too much for her, so I wasn’t sure what to expect!

The instructors were walking around the room (trying to distract all the dogs,) and she did look at them but rarely left her spot. Her mind was focused on me rather than the distractions around the room! I felt like she had a huge breakthrough tonight.

I was especially excited with her eye contact. Her eyes were locked on mine while I kept encouraging her to “stay” – sometimes she would lie down, but I would lure her back up to a sit position. She popped right back into the sit.

Carol asked jokingly if I glued Mindy to the floor, because she was doing so well. I was thrilled.

I am still on cloud nine!

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