Strange Scab on Mindy’s Shoulder

Mike noticed what we think is a scab on Mindy’s left (back) shoulder last night. It is a little un-nerving because I don’t know what caused it.

I thought maybe it was a tick, and we took a real close look at it tonight under the bathroom lights, and it appeared to be a scab. Mike started to pick at it a little to make sure it wasn’t a tick, and I stopped him, because it looked like it might bleed.

We have her Frontline up to date, I just applied her monthly spot at the beginning of the month. She is clean, although we haven’t given her a bath in a little while. Her food is premium (Nutro Ultra) and I don’t believe it is a food allergy, unless it is due to the new treats we have given her.

I remember Mike also noticed a little scab on one of her back legs, where the joints meet in the middle area. It was a very small scab, but we didn’t think anything of it.

We will be watching her very closely now, it really makes me nervous because I don’t know what could be wrong.

UPDATE 10-17-05: I think this might be from a bug bite. I remembered that Mindy had one of those bright red round bites on her while we were camping on Columbus Day weekend; the same bite marks as in the spring (from black flies we were told by the Vet.) I wonder if somehow the bite was irritated by scratching or perhaps her harness. It does seem to be healing okay, so I am hoping it will be an isolated incident.

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