Mindy Grabs Jack

Saturday was probably the worst night for us! I was trying to feed Jack, and he ended up flying around the room a couple of times, with Mindy chasing after him.

He was back in his cage, and I gave him a fresh batch of seeds, and tried to move him onto the bowl. He ended up flying out of the cage again, and onto my desk chair. Mindy dove after him, and before I could even turn my head, she must have grabbed him. I saw Jack was down. I SCREAMED and ran over.

I grabbed Mindy and she had feathers in her mouth. Somehow Jack ended up saving himself and hid under the side table next to our sofa. Mike was in terror, seeing Mindy with the feathers in her mouth, he thought Jack was in her mouth. He was extremely angry. He came over and screamed no! and attempted to grab her head. (all this while she was in my arms) I cried, No, that she didn’t know it was wrong, and to get Jack! He was under the table. Mike looked towards the dining room table; I told him the other table. It was such a ruckus and panic that I am so foggy on all the details.

He did get Jack. He hopped up on his finger, and all his tail feathers were gone. I said to put him in his cage, and he told me to get Mindy upstairs. this was the time we needed to make sure Jack was okay, and not Mindy.

I put her upstairs in her crate, and came back down…..the shock of seeing the batch of feathers on the floor sent me into a panic again. I picked up the feathers. Partly for medical reasons, if we needed to show how many feathers Jack lost, and partly for personal reasons. I wanted to keep them to remind me of how horrible this night was, and to never let it happen again.

Anyway, the good news is that Jack seemed to be fine. I don’t think Mindy could have bit him or grabbed him with her paws. I think that she jumped up, grabbed the tail feathers, that brought him down to the floor, I think I remember wings flapping and that might have saved him. He must have flapped his wings and she couldn’t get a grip on him. By that time, I was running over screaming, and Jack somehow winged his way a few feet to under the side table (by the wall)

Jack ended up taking a fly spin around the room and he seemed to be able to fly okay at that point.

And now on Monday, he seems to be okay….still not totally steady with flying. Last night, while Mike was outside with Mindy, Jack took a spin around the room, and kept flying and flying around the room (too many times) – I have a feeling he couldn’t stop. I held up my arm like I normally do, but he couldn’t navigate to it somehow. He ended up gently touching the wall mirror and coming down on the love seat, then floor. I grabbed him, and comforted him gently. He seemed fine.

This morning, he is ringing his bell and chatting a little. He seems fine, Thank God. It was a real eye-opener — We can never let Jack loose with Mindy around. It is just too dangerous.

Oh and Mindy must have known something bad happened. When I did take her downstairs from the crate on Saturday, she was curled up inside (like she does when she sleeps). There was no complaining or barking while in the crate, which I thought was unusual.

She somehow seemed hesitant when she came downstairs. Mike got over his anger, but he really was mad at her. I reminded him that I knew that we would have this problem if we got a Rat Terrier breed. It is in her blood, and nature. She would never hurt a child, another friendly dog or us, but she doesn’t think that Jack is part of “us” or her family. She would never hurt her family.

I don’t think I will ever publish this publicly. It is too painful to share. I will keep it private.

EDIT: 2009-Feb-5, I decided to make this post public after all. Time has passed, and Jack has also long since passed (not due to this incident).

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