Back from Vacation

Yes, our camping vacation was a great success. Mindy had a great time too. She had fun exploring with her nose, eyes, and ears at both campgrounds we visited.

Mike created a little boat box so we could bring her on boat trips. She seemed to enjoy herself, but the sun was a bit too hot. We didn’t take her out too often.

Mindy in her new boat box

She was quite lazy and relaxed on the boat.

Mindy quite relaxed in boat

Mindy loves to pop up and look out the truck window while the truck is moving slowly. She lies back down once we start to drive faster. She doesn’t like the wind in her face, which is good, since heavy wind can damage a dog’s eyes. I admit, Mindy is a joy while traveling in the truck. She lies down quietly and comfortably in the back with not much of a fuss at all. I took the photo below right before we left for home on Saturday. She just had the cutest smile on her face, as if to say “I am happy just to be with you guys” and that is Mindy!

Smiling Mindy

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