The Day We Met Mindy

UPDATE: Since the time we brought Mindy home, my feelings about pet stores have completely changed. No matter what any pet store tells you, these puppies are from puppy mills. Plain and simple! No caring breeder would shuffle their precious babies across country in a truck or plane to be sold to strangers. Don’t believe it! And don’t support puppy stores no matter how "nice" they look or act!

This was the day that we met little Mindy, the female Rat Terrier, along with a batch of other wonderful little puppies.

We were just starting to look at puppies and Mike, Noodles (our niece) and I took a drive out the Puppy Patch store in Hopkington, MA and the Puppies Galore store in Charlton, MA. Both were (affiliated) stores that sold puppies from reputable kennels in the US and Canada.

We stopped at the Puppy Patch first. As you can see Mike was quite taken with this little female Rat Terrier. She was very sweet, her fur was white with a little spot of brown and black around one eye. Her ears were black too. I think she was the first dog we really noticed.

How fortunate that we have these precious photos as memories of our first meeting of Mindy. We didn’t know at the time, but Mindy would eventually become a part of our family very soon. I think she always knew she would be coming home with us. (I originally published a dozen or so photos of all the cute puppies to an online gallery. When my friend Farron saw Mindy’s photos, she commented on how she already had Mike “wrapped”)

The Day We Met Mindy
The Day We Met Mindy
The Day We Met Mindy

A few other cuties we met were the Bichon, Beagle and male Rat Terrier (Mindy’s brother.)

Male Rat Terrier

We headed out to the Puppies Galore store next, and found many puppies there too.

There really were so many to choose from and I didn’t feel ready to make a final decision on the breed we wanted. I asked both stores all sorts of questions (in person and by phone) about their establishments and eventually we felt comfortable choosing a puppy there, as opposed to any other pet store. But there still was an uncertainty if we should find our own breeder instead. I liked the Puppies Galore store in Charlton better than the Hopkington store. It was the original store and more friendly and knowledgeable in my opinion.

(Note: Mindy was at the Puppy Patch store in Hopkington)

I was doing an enormous amount of research on breeds, and I did not think the Rat Terrier would be a good fit for us, seeing that we also had a little parakeet named Jack in the family. Rat Terriers by nature hunt little critters like mice, rats, birds, etc. I was worried about Jack’s safety.

I put the Rat Terrier breed out of the running of puppy choices. We were thinking of Havenese, Bichon Frise, and possibly even a Yorkshire Terrier. We even went to a dog show in Hartford, CT to further research the breeds.

But Mike really loved that little female Rat Terrier. (to be continued….)

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